Maintain your vehicle like new

Maintain your vehicle like new

| By: Chip & Sandi Fenner, Christian Brothers Automotive Grant Road

How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?

A car is a large financial investment, and properly maintaining it like the manufacturer recommends is a must! So, how can you get the most out of your vehicle? We’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Read Your Car Owner’s Manual

Did you know that premium gas may not help your car’s engine at all, or that your make and model may not require an oil change every 3,000 miles? You can find all of the details about your vehicle in the owner’s manual, including:

  • Recommended gasoline type
  • Optimal mileage for oil changes
  • Ideal tire pressure
  • Maintenance schedule

The maintenance schedule will indicate when you should have work done on your vehicle. For example, it will list the ideal time to replace fluids in your power steering, brakes and transmission systems. It will also detail the best intervals to inspect brakes, perform filter replacements, and much more. Staying on this schedule will keep your car running at optimal efficiency, and save you from hefty repairs down the road. Service intervals for severe driving conditions such as environments with high humidity and heat as well as long stop and go commutes should also be provided.

Care for Your Tires

It is very important to give a little tender loving care to your tires. Regular tire rotation has three main benefits. First, it helps preserve balanced handling and maintains traction. That is especially important when the road is slippery from rain. Secondly, many manufacturers require regular rotations to maintain the warranty. And finally, it helps to even out the wear on the tires allowing them to last much longer. Most cars now have tire pressure sensors notifying you when the tires are not at optimum pressure. Keep your tires at the indicated levels. If they do not have the tire pressure sensor, check the pressure on occasion using a tire pressure gauge. They are cheap and easy to use. Finally, check the tread depth on a regular basis. Driving with too little tread can be dangerous.

Don’t Overload Your Car

Before you start packing for a big road trip, make sure you aren’t overloading your vehicle. Your car has a very specific maximum weight limit, which is written in your car owner’s manual. Ignoring it means your brakes, engine, and transmission have to work harder to move the same distance. In the short term, your car may lose some fuel efficiency, but in the long run, it can significantly shorten your vehicle’s lifespan.

Pay for Good Parts

If the owner’s manual advises that you purchase a more expensive oil or part, don’t opt for the less-expensive option. Doing so could hurt your car and your wallet in the long run. Many parts do not meet the same car manufacturer specifications, which means a substitute part will wear out sooner than a recommended part. Make sure to read up on what is best for your vehicle to optimize its performance.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Keeping up with the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle is not only good for you but for the environment as well. A clean running efficient vehicle runs far cleaner than a vehicle that is lacking in proper maintenance. A simple way to keep track of all of these recommendations is to use a trusted automotive repair shop. Have them look over the vehicle during each oil change and tire rotation. Christian Brothers Automotive Grant and Louetta performs 32 point inspections every visit for free to help you stay aware of the condition of your vehicle. They simply provide the information for you to make an informed decision.

If you have any long-term maintenance questions regarding your vehicle or would like to schedule an auto repair appointment in Cypress, contact Christian Brothers Automotive Grant Road at (281) 305-0877.

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