Why You Need to Flush Your Cooling System

Why You Need to Flush Your Cooling System

| By: Chip & Sandi Fenner, Christian Brothers Automotive Grant Road

Car engines are remarkable machines, and while they can produce loads of power in an extremely small space while using very little fuel, they all have one thing in common: each one generates an immense amount of heat. Thousands of explosions happening inside your engine every second means an immense amount of energy is being created, with much of it coming in the form of heat that needs to be dissipated in order to prevent the metal in your engine from fatiguing.

To do this, your car has a cooling system filled with a fluid called “antifreeze,” which is a chemical compound that’s particularly good at absorbing heat and carrying it away from your engine, where it can be removed by air running through your radiator. However, while this antifreeze is on a closed cycle, it could eventually become contaminated with things like rust or sediment that could damage the cooling system, and in turn cause your engine to fail.

The solution to this issue is to periodically service your coolant system, a service commonly known as a radiator flush. On this blog, we’ll talk about how to flush your radiator and why this service is something that’s so critically important for your car, especially those that have seen a high number of miles.

Why Flush Your Coolant System?

Your coolant system is made up of a number of different parts, including pumps, pipes, hoses, gaskets, and much more. Over time, the coolant begins to break down becoming more acidic which is harmful to the engine as well as the cooling system parts. Also, the constant cycling of your antifreeze can lead to these parts eventually corroding, wearing out, and starting to leave contaminants in the antifreeze. This could also lead to slow, small leaks in your system that leads to poor cycling and inadequate cooling levels.

Each of these things could contribute to your cooling system not being able to properly remove heat from your engine, causing it to quickly reach dangerous temperature levels, or overheat. An overheated engine is one that could start smoking, cause other systems to fail, and eventually lead to your car shutting down, which could leave you on the side of the road in need of a tow truck and major, expensive repairs form a mechanic.

Flushing your coolant system can help prevent this by not only treating the parts that could corrode and lead to engine damage, but also clearing away any contaminants that have already found their way into your coolant where they could damage a different part of the system. A coolant system that’s in good condition and free from these issues will keep your engine cool through even the hottest and most stressful drives.

How to Drain and Fill Your Coolant

Draining and filling your coolant system is a fairly easy service, taking just a few hours to complete and little in the way of replacement parts. For starters, add a coolant system cleaner to your system and then start your car’s engine. This will begin to cycle the cleaner through your coolant system, allowing it to scrub away any developing rust or corrosion as well as treat things like rubber hoses and gaskets that could be subject to wear and tear (leading to catastrophic consequences) over years of use.

After several minutes of allowing the coolant to cycle, shut off your engine and allow it to cool. Then place a drain pan beneath your radiator and open your radiator’s drainage valve, which is usually located on one of the lower corners of the radiator itself. This will allow the coolant to drain from the system. Now add the new coolant. Make sure you choose the right coolant. Don’t mix antifreezes either, as coagulation could lead to serious damage to your vehicle.

You need to be aware that this only removes and replaces about 40 percent of the fluid. At Christian Brothers Automotive Grant Road, we use specialized equipment to remove and replace all of the coolant. This will ensure that your coolant is fully restored to its full potential keeping your engine and cooling system parts and gaskets clean and lubricated.

Need your radiator serviced? Trust the skilled technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Cypress to get the job done right and provide you the care you demand for your vehicle! Call Christian Brothers Automotive Grant and Louetta at 281-370-9191 to schedule your visit!

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