Do You Know This 1 Easy Trick To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle?

There are two straightforward reasons to maintain your air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and engine air intake filter.

1. Waste will corrode your engine

Gradually, the air filter’s ability to do its job successfully diminishes. The air filter’s main goal is to filter out the insect bits, grime, allergens and smog before the air enters the vehicle’s oxygen supply. However, the more the filter sifts out of the air, the more this waste accumulates on the filter itself.

Over time, the filter becomes so filthy, it cannot clean the air at all. At this point, pieces of debris can enter the engine through the filter. These small pollutants wear away at the car, damaging the engine and creating metal shrapnel along the way. If these impurities are taken into the combustion chamber, the entire engine could fail.

2. Contaminants impact the fuel-air mix

When you press the gas, a certain amount of fuel is released from the tank. The fuel mixes with the air flowing through the engine and the mixture is ignited. For this process to be effective, the car must suck in the right amount of clean oxygen. When the air filter blocks with dirt and filth, airflow diminishes and the fuel is deprived of clean air.

This makes the fuel too “rich”. Gas mileage plummets and unnecessary strain is put on the engine. Eventually, you’ll notice your car driving roughly. Your “check engine” light may turn on as well. By continuing to ignore the issue, you might even face complete engine failure.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

The most critical step in air filtration maintenance is simply changing the air filter. Our ASE-certified technicians recommend an air filter check every 10,000-30,000 miles to ensure your car is operating at maximum efficiency. When the filter needs to be changed, a replacement is quick and easy.

If it’s time for an air filtration system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Uncover the nice difference!