Brake Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Brake Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive


Do your brakes screech when you press them? Most of the time, this is an indication that your vehicle’s brake pads are damaged and should be changed. Do not neglect this issue. Ultimately the additional friction will heat the blades beyond repair, which can turn into a very expensive problem.

Replacing your automobile’s brake pads is a routine service, but Christian Brothers Automotive does a lot more for your automobile than other vehicle repair centers. Our ASE-certified specialists are sure to include any and all parts that are designed specifically for the brake pads we install on your vehicle.

Our brake service also features resurfacing your vehicle’s rotors. Rotors are essential in slowing your automobile down. Without them your vehicle would not stop properly. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your vehicle’s rotors back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Brake fluid is also a crucial element to your car’s braking system. The majority of vehicle repair shops merely top off your brake fluid. Christian Brothers Automotive utilizes only clean brake fluid for braking service, which increases your braking system’s performance.

If you are experiencing brake difficulty, or your brakes are screeching, call us at (616) 818-4212 or drop by your community Christian Brothers Automotive, located at:

1464 28th Street SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49508.

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    Nick Genovese

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    "Thanks Dan Mike Erick and the entire staff I think Christian Brothers is the best automotive service in America. Your professionalism and work on vehicles is the best"

    Harold Morris II