Engine Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Get engine service if you see these signs:

If oil is leaking from your car’s engine, see Christian Brothers Automotive for service. Usually oil leaks indicate dried and hardened seals. When this happens the seals will not function effectively. Not taking care of an oil leak can result in significant and pricey engine problems.

Tune-ups are a fantastic way to stay clear of problems with your automobile. A lot of tune-ups feature spark plug replacement, recasting the timing belt, replacing air and fuel filters and testing all engine parts.

The most typical engine problem includes the automobile’s timing chain or belt. Christian Brothers Automotive suggests that you have it inspected every 60,000 miles.

Christian Brothers Automotive will inform you when you need to have your car’s liquids flushed and a fuel injection cleaning. Having a tidy engine with the proper liquid in it will make your automobile perform effectively.

Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids takes pride in being an honest and reliable car repair business. We will never ever upsell you on a part your vehicle does not require or do an auto repair on your vehicle without informing you. Call us at (616) 818-4212 or drop in our auto repair work shop located at:

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