Green Driving Tips from our Grand Rapids Auto Technicians

Green Driving Tips from our Grand Rapids Auto Technicians

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A wasteful vehicle isn’t only tough on your wallet – it’s damaging to the environment. Your car sends harmful emissions into the air during the normal operating process. It’s the exhaust system in your car’s duty to make sure these emissions are broken down before they’re released into the air.

Citizens of Grand Rapids, Michigan still need to take care of the air and make sure our vehicles are running as they should be. Today, the auto repair technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Grand Rapids are going to share a few ways to help cut back on pollution and keep your vehicle safe on the road.

Vehicle safety is essential

Make sure your car is in working order and safe to drive. This isn’t just beneficial for you and your family – it protects everyone on the road. Our ASE-certified technicians have compiled of things you can regularly check at home.

These include:

  • Car horn
  • Brake lights, taillights, headlights, and turn signals
  • License plate is properly secured
  • Tire air pressure
  • Tire tread
  • Side view and rearview mirrors are securely attached

Practice these green driving tips

There are several ways to keep your car running properly, including:

  • Scheduling regular maintenance checks
  • Keeping up with oil and filter changes
  • Having your car repaired immediately

Following these guidelines will ensure your car runs clean, and you’ll avoid bigger repairs later on.

Other ways to practice green driving include:

  • Carpooling with friends and coworkers
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Planning errands and other trips into one outing

Not only will these tips help you save money on gas, you’ll be protecting the environment.

Vehicle repair and maintenance in Michigan

At our auto service center in Grand Rapids, we care about more than just your vehicle – we also care about you! That’s why we make sure your car is in great working order and is as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

You’ll see the nice difference with our professional staff and a safe, clean, reliable car! Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids, Michigan to schedule an inspection or maintenance service today.

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