Granbury Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Electrical System

Granbury Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Electrical System


Until you fully start your vehicle, it is being completely powered by your battery. The battery provides the proper amount of electrical current needed to power the ignition and fuel systems, which are responsible for creating the combustion needed for your engine to work. If you have an older model car and leave the key in the ignition without starting the engine, you could run the risk of draining your battery.


The electrical charge from the battery isn’t actually responsible for getting your engine started, that would be the job of the aptly named starter. The battery supplies a small amount of power to the starter motor, which in turn rotates the flywheel. The flywheel then turns the crankshaft, which begins the movement of the engine’s pistons. It can be difficult to tell when a starter may fail, but the friendly auto experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury can detect any issues with a simple electrical system check.


Once your engine is running, your alternator takes over and keeps the battery charged, as well as the entire electrical system running properly. Some of the components the alternator helps to power include the lights, wipers and defroster. While your car can start with a faulty alternator, it won’t be able to run for an extended period of time.

Your car’s electrical system is important, and if you want to be able to keep driving down the road, you need to make sure everything is in working order. Contact Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, TX today to check your vehicle’s electrical system. Discover the nice difference.