The Fluids that Keep Your Car Running

The Fluids that Keep Your Car Running

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Motor Oil

Motor oil is the single most important protector of your car’s engine. Motor oil lubricates the sensitive components in an engine and reduces wear. Oil also cleans and keeps the engine operating at its optimal temperature. Motor oil is stored in the oil pan at the bottom of your car’s engine and circulates through the engine before passing through the oil filter to remove contaminants. Both the oil and oil filter needs to be changed regularly. There are many types and grades of oil optimized for different engines and climates. The specialists at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury can help you decide which oil is perfect for your car and driving needs.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid operates similarly to motor oil. It flows through a transmission to prevent wear, corrosion and overheating. The transmission is the most complicated component of any car, and transmission fluid is vital to keeping it functioning. Like motor oil, a dipstick in the engine compartment indicates the transmission fluid level. Transmission fluid does not have to be changed as often as oil, with most services recommended every 30,000 miles.


Every vehicle engine produces enormous amounts of heat. Coolant (also called antifreeze) absorbs heat by passing through the engine and into the radiator. Even on a cold day, most cars will overheat within minutes without coolant. Overheating an engine usually leads to a blown head gasket, a costly repair. Coolant is held in a reservoir in the engine bay. Most are translucent, allowing you to check fluid level without opening the cap. However, if you do need to open the cap, don’t open it when the engine is hot, the cooling system is pressurized and boiling hot.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is what gives your brakes stopping power. It’s a hydraulic fluid that keeps pressure through the brake lines and the brakes themselves. Brake fluid is stored in a small master cylinder in the engine bay. Open the cap to check your fluid level. If the fluid is below half, it is recommended to have a professional handle it. If air gets into the brake lines, the braking system will fail. If your brake fluid has turned black, a fluid flush is recommended. These are both jobs that your automotive specialists at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury can take care of.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid functions similarly to brake fluid. It’s a hydraulic fluid that keeps pressure in the power steering system and allows the power steering pump to make steering a car easier. Changing your power steering fluid when scheduled (typically every two years) can protect and prolong the life of the expensive power steering pump and steering rack.
These inexpensive fluids are vital to the safety and longevity of your car. They are all the simplest ways to protect the complex components that keep your car on the road. The best way to ensure you have the right fluids for your car is to consult the professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury on Highway 377 and Acton Road. See the nice difference in auto repair!

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