What’s Checked During a Courtesy Inspection?

What’s Checked During a Courtesy Inspection?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

It’s our way of keeping you informed of any maintenance issues before they become a serious problem. Today, the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, TX share some of the things we check during a courtesy inspection.


Obviously, fluids are very important to keeping your car in working order. Without them, your engine would overheat, and the simple act of steering would become extremely difficult. These are the fluids that are checked:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid

We not only check the fluid’s quality, but we also check the quantity to see if there may be a possible leak. We top off those fluids that may be low. We also inspect for under hood leaks.


Just about every driver has experienced a dead or weak battery in their vehicle. While sometimes they just need a simple jump, other times it’s more than that. To ensure that your car’s battery doesn’t fail and leave you stranded on the side of the road or highway, we perform a battery inspection. We check the battery terminals, cables and the battery itself. We even provide a print out of the current battery condition after testing.


There’s no arguing that a car is pretty useless without tires. However, the expert technicians at your local Granbury auto repair shop do more than just check your tires’ tread and air pressure. We check the suspension, axle shafts, axle boots and U-joints.

Visit the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas for any service and receive your complimentary courtesy inspection. See the nice difference.

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    "I took my 1997 Mercedes in for shocks and they informed me that the bearings were a safety issue. They did all the repairs I needed promptly. I liked that they checked out other issues for my safety. ..."

    Terry L.

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    "I had shoulder surgery three weeks ago and am not allowed to drive. Noticed a transmission leak under my vehicle in the driveway. I called and spoke with Stuart, the Service Manager. The next day ..."