Rough Roads Take a Toll on Your Vehicle

Rough Roads Take a Toll on Your Vehicle

Then once the ice melts, the roads can become uneven and develop potholes. So today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas share some of the ways driving on rough roads affect your vehicle.


The alignment of your wheels/tires is a delicate balance that is easier to throw off than you might think. Misalignment can be caused by something as simple as hitting a small hole or bump in the road. Since roads in poor condition often have a lot of bumps and potholes, they can easily affect a car’s alignment. Your vehicle’s alignment is not only an important key to your safety but also to the life of your tires.


Obviously your tires take the brunt of the damage from driving on rough roads. And we all know the damage a pothole can do to a perfectly good tire. If your alignment is off, then that affects the way your tires wear and significantly reduces their lifespan. One tire may begin to wear more than the others, therefore, increasing the chances of a flat or even a blowout.


Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for your car’s ability to balance. However, consistently driving on roads in poor conditions can really wear on the suspension. If there is a problem with your suspension, you may notice that your car bounces or sways more than usual and could be hard to control or steer, even at low speeds.

While rough roads can take a big toll on your car or truck, Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury is here to help. Whenever you come in for any service, we also provide a complimentary courtesy inspection to make sure your vehicle doesn’t need any other repairs. Visit the auto repair experts at your local Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, TX today. See the nice difference.