Experts Explain Power Steering Pump Sounds

Experts Explain Power Steering Pump Sounds

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

In order for the power steering fluid to do its job properly, a pump provides pressure for the hydraulic system. If there’s an issue, the pump itself might produce a very loud and distinct sound. It’s usually some type of whining sound that changes in pitch depending on the speed of the car. This irritating sound provides a signal for the eminent failure of the power steering pump.

There are some reasons that pumps start making such a sound. Today, our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury have provided us with an explanation of various causes associated with pump problems and how they can be addressed at their Granbury repair facility.

Low fluid levels

The main reasons that sounds come from the power steering pump are because of low power steering fluid levels. So many drivers neglect to check the power steering fluid level or the quality of the fluid. Many of them have been blindsided by the loss of fluid. Most modern power steering systems don’t need a lot of fluid and, therefore, don’t hold much. So, even a small leak will likely affect your power steering system’s capabilities very quickly.

Poor pump performance

A pump that is not performing properly is another cause for noises often linked to the power steering system. Problems steering the car and leaking power steering fluid close to the pulley are both signs of poor functioning pumps. If your car has symptoms of power steering problems, the pump should be replaced before it fails while you’re driving.

Trapped air and pump design

When the pump impeller starts developing air bubbles, it can lead to unwelcome noise and vibrations. It’s hard to diagnose air bubbles that have become trapped in the pump. A power steering fluid flush is recommended to both drain the fluid and rid the tank of any air bubbles.

As power steering pumps get older, some may also become loud and noisy. Different kinds of power steering fluids are designed for different types of systems. Often times the use of a different type of power steering fluid will help reduce some of the noise.

Power Steering Maintenance Services in Granbury, TX

At Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury, we help our customers keep up with any needed routine maintenance, like checking and replacing the power steering fluid. These small routine services can keep your car from needing power steering repair work. Our work is backed with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. If issues or questions arise concerning your vehicle’s power steering system, please feel free to just ask! You can call us in Granbury, TX and we’ll be happy to schedule a power steering service check!

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