An Extended Warranty Can Save You From Making A Mistake

Whether it happens in the morning before work, at mid-day during lunch, or in the evening on your drive home, let’s face it — nobody likes to deal with car problems.

We can’t prevent the breakdown, but we can help you through the process

When buying your car, most likely your salesman recommended an extended warranty. However, this service is often overlooked. Rather than seizing this opportunity as an advantage, many people decline due to a negative past experience or misinformation.

The benefits to an extended warranty

Extended warranties can save you lots of time and hassle. Rather than having to pay the full amount for a repair yourself, extended warranties can pay for all or a portion of the repair cost, provide roadside assistance, and oftentimes rental car coverage.

Ultimately, this could save you lots of money! The long term benefit can often offset the initial cost of the extended warranty.

A burden off your shoulders is a burden off ours

If your car does break down, our Granbury auto repair shop is here to help. Our friendly staff prevents you from having to go through all of the frustration and stress of figuring out how to pay for your potentially costly repairs. We do the legwork and make the phone calls to find out exactly what your extended warranty plan covers.

While we won’t recommend a particular extended warranty coverage, we will walk through the process with you. From a pre-purchase inspection to filing the warranty claim, our ASE-certified technicians are here to relieve the headache. Let us do the hard work and save you the time and effort.

Exceptional customer service is at the top of our priority list. If we can exceed your expectations, then we’ve done our job. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas, today! We’ll provide the nice difference in service you need!