Keep Your Car Running Strong With an Air Filter Replacement

Your car’s air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter, is relied upon to keep environmental contaminants and other impurities out of your engine and away from your lungs.

To fully appreciate this basic system, you first need to understand its two major components.

The Cabin Filter

If you own a home (or even rent an apartment), you know how crucial it is to regularly replace your air conditioner’s filter. Well, your car has a filter of its own. The cabin air filter removes pollen, mold spores and allergens before they can circulate through the vehicle.

As a central part of the car’s climate control system, this filter is necessary to keep the driver and passengers comfortable and healthy. However, the filter steadily clogs with the debris. As the filter accumulates waste, the air conditioner and heater cannot perform as planned, and allergens are allowed into the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

The cabin filter protects the driver and passengers, but the engine air intake filter safeguards the car itself. If you’ve ever gone through a dust storm or swarm of flying bugs, you’ve seen your engine filter in action. This filter removes debris, moisture, bugs and other pieces of waste before they’re sucked into the engine.

Particles as big as beetles and as small as dirt can quickly tear apart your engine. Sticky substances build up on the moving parts, carbon pieces impair function and the intake valves can clog with deposits.

When your air filters are dirty, the engine’s performance suffers.

Now that you appreciate these two vital engine components, you can properly maintain your air filters! Our ASE-certified technicians suggest an air filter replacement every 6,000 miles. To be safe, request a filter check every time your car is brought in for service.

To schedule an air filtration system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas. We’ll keep you breathing easy!