2 Convincing Reasons Your Car’s Air Filters Need To Be Replaced Immediately

2 Convincing Reasons Your Car’s Air Filters Need To Be Replaced Immediately

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

There are two basic reasons to keep your air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and engine air intake filter, well maintained.

1. Waste will corrode your engine

Over time, the air filter loses the ability to do its job effectively. The air filter’s main purpose is to filter out the bug bits, dirt, allergens and pollution from the air before it enters the car’s oxygen supply. However, the more the filter eliminates from the air, the more waste accumulates on the filter itself.

Gradually, the filter becomes so dirty, it cannot clean the air. When this happens, pieces of debris can make it through the filter and attack the engine. These small impurities wear away at the engine’s metal, causing engine damage and creating more debris along the way. If these contaminates are sucked into the combustion chamber, the entire engine may fail.

2. Contaminants impact the fuel-air mix

When you press the gas pedal, the car releases a certain amount of fuel from the tank. This fuel mixes with the oxygen flowing through the engine and an ignition is sparked. For this process to work as expected, the car must take in the right amount of clean air.

When the air filter clogs with dirt and filth, airflow is reduced and the fuel is deprived of clean oxygen. This causes the fuel to run too “rich”, which lowers your gas mileage and puts unnecessary strain on the engine. Over time, you’ll notice your car driving roughly. Your “check engine” light may turn on as well. By ignoring the issue, you’ve set yourself up for complete engine failure.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

The most important (and easiest) aspect of air filtration maintenance is simply changing the air filter. Our ASE-certified technicians suggest an air filter check every 10,000-30,000 miles to ensure your car is running clean and efficient. When it’s time for a filter replacement, the exchange is quick and affordable.

If it’s time for an air filtration system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield in Cypress, Texas. Notice the nice difference!

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