3 Ways to Save Money on Brake Repairs in Cypress

1. When you hear grinding noises, it’s too late

Many drivers never give a single thought to their brakes until they start to hear a grinding noise or struggle to stop at a light. This is bad. The grinding noise means your brake components are now making contact with the rotors, metal to metal. This damages the system and drives up the price of brake repairs.

2. Don’t forget about brake fluid

Every 30,000 miles, you should flush and replace the brake fluid. This comes as a surprise to many drivers in Texas who don’t know brake fluid exists. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that moves parts of the brake system. It has to work under extreme pressure and heat. Replacing it ensures your brakes move efficiently to quickly stop your vehicle.

3. Be proactive, be safe

Just because your brakes aren’t making any weird noises right now, it doesn’t mean your brake pads aren’t wearing thin. There are many other components like calipers, rotors and brake shoes that need maintenance. The rate at which these parts wear varies by car and depending on how the driver handles the car.

Our ASE-certified professionals take pride in their work. We thoroughly explain every detail to our customers so they know exactly what work they’re agreeing to. We also back our brake maintenance service with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. See the nice difference at our Cypress auto repair shop.

We take brake maintenance seriously. We inspect the brakes on every car that comes in for service to help our clients cut the cost of brake repairs. Your brakes only need minimal maintenance if minor problems are fixed before they affect the rest of the car.

To schedule a brake system inspection today, call Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield in Cypress, TX. We’ll show you the nice difference!