Seasonal Maintenance: Winter

  • Check on your battery. Batteries fail most often in the winter time. If you have an older battery, have it load tested before the cold weather strikes.
  • Keep your washer fluid full. A de-icing variety is helpful in colder climates.
  • Change the oil. One more time. Winter weather is tough. Don’t forget to change your oil regularly.
  • Keep your emergency kit stocked. If you break down, you should have emergency supplies for you and your car.
  • Check your tires for wear. Bald tires are dangerous in bad weather. Put a penny in the tread – if you can see all of Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s probably time for new tires. And keep snow chains in the car if you’re in a state that requires them.
  • Try not to drive in bad weather. If you can stay home when it’s snowing or the roads are iced over, don’t go out. We understand that sometimes you don’t have a choice. At least think about it. Safety first.
  • Keep your fuel tank above half full if you can. More fuel is better during colder times.