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Car maintenance shouldn’t be something that only happens when you bring your vehicle in for service. Instead, owners should be vigilant about the things they can do regularly to ensure the long-term health and integrity of their vehicles. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we want to educate drivers on the best ways to maintain their cars and avoid costly repairs and emergencies. We’ve compiled a library of car tips for all our customers and prospective customers to read through and bolster their own automotive knowledge.

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Our Car Tips Library

Are you planning a road trip? About to face winter weather? Not getting the same efficiency out of your vehicle as you once did? As car owners, we’re constantly faced with circumstances in which the condition of our vehicle plays a critical role. Below, we’ve collected tips for many of these circumstances and possible remedies for problems you might encounter.

Browse information on:

  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Travel/vacation tips
  • Fuel efficiency tips
  • Older car CPR

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