Driving Tricks to Avoid Premature Parts Failure in Corpus Christi

Driving Tricks to Avoid Premature Parts Failure in Corpus Christi

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Poor driving habits themselves can destroy your automobile, and that's true even if your bad driving doesn't cause a crash that totals the vehicle. Below are a few tips on avoiding these bad habits so your car works better and lasts longer.

Keep the Tank Half Full

There are 3 main reasons not to let your gas gauge get too close to “E”, and only one of them involves getting stranded. One of the other reasons is that sediment in fuel sinks to the bottom of your gas tank, so when the gas is almost gone your car has to push the grit through the fuel lines. Even if this doesn't clog the lines, which it could, it does make your car work harder than usual. Furthermore, fuel in the tank usually helps cool the part that pumps fuel, making it last longer and work better. If you have too little, your fuel pump could overheat and wear out more quickly.

Don't Race and Slam the Brakes

Don't drive like you're in an action movie. Of course this driving habit is unsafe. But furthermore, peeling out at intersections and then braking hard is taxing on your transmission, engine and brakes. It's clear why you want to show off a fast auto, but true car lovers know that you shouldn't abuse it.

Don't Push the Speed Limit

Driving as fast as possible on the freeway can be thrilling. But realize that driving this way can wreck the engine, and the car. Our automobile team at Christian Brothers in Corpus Christi says that most cars do best at between 40 and 60 mph. If you go faster, your engine will need more gas mile by mile and your transmission will be pushed to the max. Also, driving that fast it means extra stress on all your engine parts, and that can cause you to need early repairs. Driving at the limit is a great way to show that you love your vehicle.

Don't Start Slowly

Primarily to save gas, know that it's not a good idea to start driving so slowly that you risk the frustration of your fellow motorists. Some drivers have been taught not to “jackrabbit” at start, and that's usually smart. But starting too slowly stops your auto from reaching optimal speed and can make the transmission and engine work extra hard. You should probably drive with traffic.

Don't Abuse the Transmission

There are several instances in which bad shifting behavior can damage your transmission and clutch. We'll just go over some of the ways. Don't ever move to park or reverse while your car is still moving. Also, don't shift into park and leave the car without also putting on the parking brake. If it so happens that you do, your whole car will rest against the transmission itself. For manual transmission vehicles, be careful to remove your foot from the clutch between shifting. These easy things could save you thousands of dollars.

Don't Rev the Engine or Idle

We have covered engine idling before, and the truth is that you should avoid idling for more than about one minute. It's also unwise to rev your engine while stopped, especially if the engine isn't warm. If you do, the engine will not become lubricated safely and the catalytic convertor won't function properly. Furthermore, subjecting all the tiny parts of your engine to extreme shifts in temperature can mean widespread damage.

Call us for an Engine Check

Drive well and keep your ride clean from the exterior to the interior. You should also be careful to check the oil, the tires and the lights regularly. And every so often, bring your car or truck in to your Corpus Christi Christian Brothers garage for a pro checkup.

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