Transmission Fluid Facts and Tips

Transmission Fluid Facts and Tips

Transmission FluidThe most important part of the transmission is the fluid. Unfortunately, figuring out the right automatic transmission fluid (ATF) can be confusing with so many different types on the market. Each one is formulated to meet the properties and specifications of different vehicles. While your owner’s manual will have the most accurate details about the specific transmission fluid your car needs, our experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Buda can help out by letting you know why transmission fluid is so important.

What is the automatic transmission fluid used for?

ATF takes care of many things for your transmission. It takes care of lubricating mechanical parts, maintaining fluid pressure, cooling, preventing oxidation, conditioning the gasket and preventing rust. The main functions, of course, are lubrication, fluid pressure and cooling. This is why it’s so important to choose the right fluid to keep the transmission functioning.

Which transmission fluid should you use?

The main types of fluid are either oil or synthetic based, much like engine oil. Synthetic fluid is the type that’s predominantly used by today’s newer cars for the transmission. You should choose the fluid recommended by the vehicle manufacturer because they know what will work best for your specific transmission. Fluid types are designed to provide the best lubrication, cooling and protection for vehicles. For example, your car may need a much higher level of friction modifiers than your neighbor’s car.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Buda (near Kyle), Texas we are serious about transmission repair because we know it’s the most expensive part of your vehicle to replace, aside from the engine. This is why it’s crucial to schedule regular transmission fluid and filter changes. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your transmission service now, give us a call at our auto repair center in Buda! See the nice difference in auto repair.