Questions and Answers to Help You Prevent Brake Damage

Questions and Answers to Help You Prevent Brake Damage

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Fortunately, the professional technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Buda near Kyle, Texas are well equipped to handle a host of vehicle problems. One system that wears down more quickly than any other is the brake system. Because the brakes are the first line of defense out on the road, they take the impact of every stop. To keep your brakes in check, our ASE-certified technicians have answered a few of the most common brake system questions.

What sounds and noises indicate brake damage?

The best way to identify brake issues is to pay attention to sounds and smells as you’re driving. It’s as simple as listening and looking for these signs:

• Grinding and squealing noises are the top signs drivers report hearing before finding out their brakes need repair.
• Vibration in the brake pedal or steering wheel usually means the rotors are warped and need to be repaired or replaced.
• Pressing the brake pedal down farther means your brakes need more pressure to stop your car. This issue is less prevalent with today’s modern braking systems.
• The brake warning light turns on for a number of brake system issues. Visit us as soon as possible for a brake check!

When will my brakes start wearing out?

Every brake system is unique, and each car model has its own quirks. Fortunately, our trained Buda auto repair technicians are able to handle all makes and models – including luxury and foreign cars! While we can repair and service any vehicle type, it’s difficult to predict how quickly your brake system will last. In addition to variances in each individual car, each person’s driving habits will have an effect on the brake pads and rotors’ longevity.

How can I make my rotors last longer?

Even with routine brake pad replacement, many drivers experience warped or damaged brake rotors. Here are a few braking techniques that will help you keep your rotors in better condition.

• Drive with the flow of traffic to reduce excessive starting and stopping when you’re on the road.
• Do not ride, or hold down, your brakes for long distances. This is a common problem when driving down steep hills.
• Reduce any extra weight in the vehicle.

Just like your tires, your brakes are affected by your driving habits. If you’re considered a “harsh” driver, your brake pads and rotors will not last as long as someone with a lighter touch.

How many miles should my brakes last?

Specific parts of the braking system all have a life expectancy. However, driving habits like the ones mentioned above heavily impact how often your brakes will need service. Calipers and rotors can last for years; they’re built for the long haul. Brake pads will need to be replaced more often and you should always keep an eye on your brake fluid. We recommend a brake check with every oil change. This way, our professional technicians will catch any minor issues before they become expensive problems.

If you notice trouble with your braking system, bring your car to the experts in Kyle TX auto repair! Call Christian Brothers Automotive Buda, near Kyle, TX today. We’ll provide a brake check and offer a complimentary vehicle inspection to make sure everything is operating safely. See the nice difference!

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