3 Signs You Have Power Steering Problems

3 Signs You Have Power Steering Problems

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To help pinpoint problems associated with power steering issues before causing you to get into an accident, our helpful technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Buda have provided the top three key signs of power steering failure.

  1. More strength is needed to turn the steering wheel

One major sign that you have problems with the power steering system is when the steering wheel becomes harder and harder to turn. This usually happens when the power steering fluid level is low. A damaged power steering belt can also cause various power steering problems. The sooner the problem is identified, the sooner the car can be taken to your local Buda auto mechanic shop near Kyle, Texas.

  1. Squealing noises as the steering wheel is being turned

A squealing noise that is heard while you’re turning the wheel typically means that there is an issue with the power steering. You can easily have the power steering fluid replaced, but a low fluid level almost always means there is a leak somewhere. Only repairing the leak will fix the problem. Do not try to continually add more fluid.

It’s imperative to have your local neighborhood Texas auto repair shop to check your vehicle for leaks as they develop. You may think the leak is coming from the power steering fluid, but it could also be a different kind of fluid.

  1. Consistently shaking steering wheel when idling

A shaking steering wheel when your car is idling is an indicator that there is a loose or damaged belt. Many don’t associate this as a symptom linked with power steering problems, primarily because the driver isn’t steering at that point.

On-going, consistent shaking may be linked with other areas as well, such as a warped rotor or a problem with the engine mount. To better determine whether there’s a link between the shaking and the power steering system, take your vehicle to a local Buda, TX auto repair shop.

Power Steering Service in Buda, Texas

Problems with the power steering system is no laughing matter and not fun to face while on the road. Christian Brothers Automotive Buda performs complete inspections of the power steering system before providing you with a diagnosis. We will always explain exactly what’s going on with your vehicle so you can better understand all of the options before making any auto repair decisions.

For your benefit, the 2-year/24, 000-mile Nice Difference Warranty guarantees most of the services that we offer. So if you are having any problems with your steering wheel, please don’t hesitate to call Christian Brothers Automotive in Buda, Texas today.

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