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Our Services Make a Difference

At Christian Brothers Automotive Albuquerque-Ventura, we’re committed to making your mechanic shop experience better! We’ve banished obscure jargon and pricey, sneaky charges from our automotive shop in Albuquerque, so you’ll never have to worry about those mystery charges or bamboozling explanations. Instead, we’ll explain every repair in detail, and talk with you about any potential issues we may notice. We can even explain every item on your bill, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Let us help you feel as confident in our shop as you feel behind the wheel.

Here’s how we’re changing the views of customers everywhere:

  • We perform free courtesy inspections with every service.
  • We always inform you of any potential issues we discover.
  • We carefully review your options with you and help you understand them.

We believe that you deserve to know just what it is you’re paying for, at every visit. When you bring your car to Christian Brothers Automotive Albuquerque-Ventura, we will be certain to educate you about the problem you are experiencing, what your vehicle requires for maintenance, or just about anything else related to your car that you’d like to know! We want to help prevent future problems, so you can count on us to always inform you of anything we notice.

Honesty, Integrity & Respect

Our professional auto technicians in Albuquerque want to ensure that you receive the best possible service at every visit. That is why we strive to uphold our principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for you and your vehicle. We are serious about your safety, so we will always take the time to do our job right and ensure that your car is as safe as possible. Call today for preventative maintenance tips, car care services, and more!

Contact Christian Brothers Automotive Albuquerque-Ventura to schedule an appointment today! Call (505) 207-4165 to get started.

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