Maintain Clean Fuel Injectors

Maintain Clean Fuel Injectors

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Modern engines, especially those with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) work extremely hard to produce wonderful power and smooth performance, but they also require solid maintenance.

Remember the term “tune-ups”, we call them engine maintenance services today and they are critical to keeping your engine in tip top shape – and preventing major service and repairs down the road. Engine maintenance services – centered on the fuel and air induction system – are designed to fight the build-up of carbon and other performance robbing deposits in the air intake assembly and on the valves and pistons. We recommend an Engine Maintenance Service every 20,000 to 25,000 miles to keep everything in proper working order.

Without these regular maintenance services, a modern engine can totally “carbon up” and fail. The image in this article is the engine of a relatively new vehicle with 80,000 miles on it that did not have regular services performed, it would hardly run. It was past the point of normal service and required partial disassembly and mechanical cleaning. Look at the difference between the before and after, it’s amazing! Had regular Engine Maintenance Services been performed, it would have never gotten to this point.

Call or stop in today and let us help you build an effective maintenance plan to protect the value of your important assets!  

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