DIY Vs. Expert Auto Repair Service

DIY Vs. Expert Auto Repair Service

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Should you perform your own oil change?

Your ability to perform an oil change depends on how comfortable you are getting under your car, draining the oil and replacing it. On some vehicles, it may be trickier to find the oil pan than others. Depending on your ability, you may be able to perform the oil change yourself or you may want to have a technician perform this routine maintenance service.

Easy visual checks are safe and easy to do at home.
There are many visual checks drivers can make to determine if and when service is needed. Inspect your tires to make sure they still have tread or to see if they’re worn in any specific area. It’s also easy to check your tire pressure once a month with a tire pressure gauge.

You may not feel comfortable changing your oil or replacing a battery, but checking your oil level is as simple as removing the dipstick and making sure the oil comes up to the designated line. You can also visually check your battery for any corrosion or loose cables.

Quality parts and quality labor mean a long-lasting repair.
Mechanics don’t get paid to do the same job twice, which is why our auto repair shop uses quality parts to make sure the repair is done right. Your car is only as good as the parts that work together to make it work. If you’re using cheap parts, they will not last as long or perform as well.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Yukon, our team of expert technicians takes pride in providing the community with a reliable source for excellent auto repair. We back our services with the 2-year/2,400-mile Nice Difference Warranty. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle or need to schedule your next maintenance service give us a call today!

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