Common Traction Control and ABS Problems

Common Traction Control and ABS Problems

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Warning Lights

While some vehicles have just one warning light for both traction control and ABS, others have two separate warning lights. Two lights are becoming more common because many cars now allow drivers to turn their traction control on or off. If a warning light comes on intermittently while driving, it may mean the problem isn’t permanent, such as a loose electrical connection.

Warning lights also typically come on when the system detects a slipping or locked wheel. This means the system is working and isn’t cause for concern. However, if a warning light stays on, that means the system is not functioning properly or has been disabled.

Sensor Problems

The most common problems with traction control and ABS are with the wheel speed sensors. Since these sensors are moderately exposed to the elements, they are vulnerable. Their magnetic operation can be interrupted by dirt or other buildups. Another common sensor problem is with the electrical connections between the sensors and the vehicle’s computer.

Hardware Problems

The actual design of ABS and traction control systems vary by make and model of the vehicle. Some systems use hydraulic valves and actuators, while others are fully electric. Basic systems may only have a few sensors, whiles others may have many types of sensors, including gyroscopes, accelerometers and GPS units. There could be problems with any of those components, including the ABS computer itself.

If you’re experiencing any strange issues with your ABS or traction control systems, contact Christian Brothers Automotive Yukon today. Our friendly auto repair experts will check everything out and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Discover the nice difference.

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