5 Transmission Warning Signs for Yukon Drivers

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Yukon have come up with 10 signs that your transmission is in trouble. A professional should inspect your car if it’s experiencing any of the following symptoms.

  1. Delayed shifting response

If it ever seems like your car is having trouble shifting when speeding up or slowing down, there’s definitely a transmission problem. Most drivers will experience a surge in RPM’s when they press down on the gas pedal, but the engine doesn’t exert the correct force. This also may be caused by a problem with the clutch.

  1. Leaking or low fluid

Leaking fluid is the most common cause of transmission damage. Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF) lubricates the transmission and even acts as a kind of hydraulic fluid. It’s bright red in color, so if you find it on your driveway get the leak fixed before more damage is done.

  1. Grinding noises and shaking movements

Cars are built to run smoothly, and grinding noises or shaky driving experiences suggest a problem with the gears. With automatic transmissions, you’ll first feel the car take its time to switch gears. As the problem progresses, the gear movement will become more jarring and shake vigorously. It’s the manual transmissions that most commonly signal a transmission problem with a grinding sound.

  1. The check engine light comes on

No one likes the check engine light, but it is the best and most clear indicator that something is wrong with your car. While the light could indicate a number of issues, it’s best to not discount the warning. This little light could help you catch a minor transmission problem before it turns into a major headache.

  1. Burning smell

Overheating transmission fluid is one of the causes of a burning smell from your car or truck. The transmission fluid lubricates parts and keeps them cool. If the fluid starts to breakdown or runs to hot, it will damage the transmission. Low fluid levels or using the wrong type for your car will cause it to burn.

Transmission Service and Repair in Yukon, OK

The transmission is a major component that affects the driving dynamics of your vehicle. No one enjoys dealing with big car repairs during the weekend. If you suspect transmission trouble, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Yukon, Oklahoma to schedule transmission service today. We’ll show you the nice difference in auto repair!