5 Easy Steps to Maintain the Power Steering System

5 Easy Steps to Maintain the Power Steering System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Yukon are here to help you take care of your power steering system and avoid any additional damage to your car. By following these 5 easy steps, your power steering will always be ready to assist your steering.

  1. Check your power steering fluid level

Power steering fluid is essential to the operation of the entire system. The pump creates pressure so that the fluid can apply that pressure to the piston. Most power steering problems arise because a leak has developed and the fluid is low. You may start to feel that the steering wheel is harder to turn and hear a squealing noise when you turn the wheel.

It’s never fun to be caught on the road with no power steering. We always suggest that you check the fluid level before you go on a long trip and after you return. Otherwise, checking the power steering fluid when you get an oil change is a good practice to follow.

  1. Check the high and low-pressure hoses

The power steering fluid is transported through two hoses. One supplies the fluid with high-pressure and the other returns it back to the fluid tank with low-pressure. It’s common for leaks to develop in these hoses. They should be checked periodically to make sure they aren’t rubbing against each other and protective coverings are intact.

  1. Change the filter every year

Some driver’s aren’t even aware there’s a power steering fluid filter. This filter should be changed every year or when your owner’s manual dictates. It’s always important to keep the fluid clean and free flowing to reduce wear-and-tear on your pump. You would be amazed at all the contaminants that find their way into the fluid.

  1. Inspect the power steering fluid

Changing the filter and keeping your fluid contaminant free also protects the quality of the fluid and how well it works. You can try to determine the quality of the fluid at home by taking a sample, inspecting the color and checking for pieces of metal and other dirt and grime. The darker the fluid, the worse off it is. If the fluid is dark and has particles floating around in it, the fluid should be flushed and replaced.

  1. Replace the pump if needed

Low fluid levels and dirty fluid can impact your power steering pump in a negative way. If you start to hear a whirring or whining sound as you drive, it could be a sign that your pump is about to fail. It’s always smart to have it checked by a Yukon, Oklahoma automobile mechanic and replaced if need be. There are much more expensive power steering repairs that could follow a bad pump if not repaired.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Yukon in Oklahoma, we want to help you maintain your vehicle so it remains in good condition for years to come. We back most of our services with the 2-year/24-mile Nice Difference warranty so you know to expect quality automotive and customer service at our local Yukon auto repair shop. Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Yukon to schedule your power steering service!

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