2 Vital Auto Parts Can Drastically Affect Your Engine’s Health

Have you seen the aftermath of a long drive down I-40? One look at your car’s front bumper and you can see how many bug swarms, mud puddles and wooded areas you drove through. Unfortunately, most of this gunk won’t stay put on the outside of the car. As your car drives down the Oklahoma road, it’s sucking air into the engine from outside the vehicle.

The most effective line of defense against these particles is your vehicle’s air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter.

The Cabin Filter

Much like a surgeon wears a mask to prevent the spread of disease during an operation, your air filter eliminates allergens and particulates before they’re breathed in. The cabin air filter, typically made of pleated paper, is intended to clean the air flowing into the car before it reaches your lungs.

This filter is an indispensable part of keeping the air inside the passenger cab safe to breathe. However, when the cabin air filter clogs with dirt and pollutants, the air conditioner and heater’s performance will suffer. A blocked filter reduces airflow into the car, and allergens make their way into the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

As the cabin air filter guards your body, the engine air intake filter defends your engine. The engine filter reduces allergens and impurities as well, but is much more worried about waste and dirt buildup. If it weren’t for the intake filter, moisture, creatures, dust and filth could enter your engine.

Fuel-injected filters normally use a pleated paper filter, while older cars typically use a cylindrical air filter. Either way, this component is fundamental to debris elimination. When deposits enter the engine, materials stick to the moving parts, carbon residue bakes onto the mechanisms and the intake valves clog.

Dirty filters steal power from your engine.

Now that you’re aware of these two essential filters, you can take steps to keep them well preserved. Fortunately, air filtration maintenance is simple – just replace the filters regularly! Our ASE-certified specialists recommend an air filter replacement every 6,000 miles.

If it’s time to replace your car’s air filters, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Yukon, Oklahoma. We’ll replace your air filters so you and your engine can drive healthy.