Top 3 Cooling System Myths Florida Drivers Fall For

When you’re not informed, you run the risk of paying for an unnecessary service or replacement. Our ASE-certified technicians aim to protect our Westchase customers no matter which Tampa auto repair shop services their vehicle.

That’s why we’re correcting the three biggest cooling system misconceptions.

Cooling System Myth #1: When your car is overheating, you should slow down

When a driver’s car is overheating, the first instinct is to pull over and turn off the engine. However, the best solution is actually to increase speed to provide more coolant and air flow throughout the engine. Another way to cool the engine is to turn your heater on full-blast. Because the heater is basically a cooling coil, it takes the heat away from the engine and dumps it inside the cabin.

Cooling System Myth #2: All anti-freeze products are the same

While this would certainly make our jobs easier, it’s unfortunately not true. In fact, many manufacturers will void the car’s warranty if the wrong fluid is used. Similarly, many believe 100% antifreeze is required. Actually, pure antifreeze will (ironically) freeze when temperatures drop too low. While we don’t face this issue much in Florida, it can still happen. It may sound counter-intuitive, but mixing antifreeze with water lessens the risk of your coolant freezing.

Cooling System Myth #3: All you need to do is keep the coolant full

Many drivers believe the cooling system is maintenance-free. Actually, your coolant needs to be checked regularly for quality and to make sure there isn’t a leak. Furthermore, many drivers don’t see the need for coolant flushes. However, a flush does more than simply remove the fluid. During a flush, all the scale deposits, rust and particulates are thoroughly scraped out and the whole system is scrubbed down with a detergent and conditioner. This process will protect your car against corrosion and future damage.

Your cooling system is a complex part of the vehicle’s function

With the proper knowledge, you can protect your vehicle for years to come.

If you have any questions about the cooling system or are in need of an inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive Westchase in Tampa, Florida today.