Take Care Of Your Brake System With Help From Our Westchase Automotive Shop

This assumes your brakes are in peak condition. If your brakes are faulty in any way, it’ll take even longer.

Don’t risk your safety by neglecting brake system maintenance.

The dedicated technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Westchase want you safe. That’s why we help our customers fully understand all aspects of system upkeep.

When to schedule a brake inspection

Our ASE-certified technicians recommend a brake inspection with every oil change. This ensures the brake pads are the correct width and brake fluid is at the right level. Our professionals say it’s best to schedule full system service annually.

You should also call for a system assessment any time you hear a squealing or grinding sound, the car hesitates or jerks while braking, or your wheels pull to one side.

Christian Brothers Automotive brake service

Keeping your brake system up-to-date will protect you and your passengers. It also help you avoid future, more expensive repairs. During brake service, our experts thoroughly check your rotors, brake pads and brake fluid for signs of damage or excessive wear.

They also inspect the wheel bearings, adjust the parking brake and check for lubrication. We recommend brake fluid flushes as needed.

Neglected brakes begin to wear on other parts of the car. Eventually, this will necessitate more costly repairs. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Westchase, Florida to schedule a brake inspection today. We’ll make sure you see the nice difference, and stay safe this holiday season!