Causes of Power Steering Pump Noises From Weatherford Experts

Causes of Power Steering Pump Noises From Weatherford Experts

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

There are a couple of reasons that might cause your pump to start making this noise. Our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Weatherford can determine why your pump is having issues and how these problems can be taken care of at our auto repair shop.

Low power steering fluid

The most common cause of power steering noises coming from the pump is a low fluid level. A lot of drivers in Weatherford do not check the power steering fluid level or quality. Most people are blindsided by a loss of fluid. Most modern vehicle's power steering fluid tank does not hold much fluid, either. So, even if you have a small leak, it can quickly affect your power steering system’s capabilities.

The fluid level can be easily checked under the hood of your car. Some tanks have a clear tank and a line to mark where the tank is considered full. Other fluid tanks may be opaque, but they usually have a dipstick to check its fluid level.

Failing power steering pump

A failing pump is also another cause of power steering noises. Difficulty steering your car or leaking power steering fluid around the pulley are good indicators of a failing pump. If your vehicle has multiple power steering symptoms, you should replace the pump before it gives out while you’re on the road.

Trapped air and pump design

If the pump impeller starts to catch air bubbles, it can cause unwanted noise and vibrations. It can be difficult to diagnose air bubbles trapped inside the pump. We recommend a power steering fluid flush to drain the fluid and get rid of any air bubbles. We then pump fresh fluid back into the system.

Some power steering pumps may get noisy with age, but continue to work well enough. There are different kinds of power steering fluids for different systems. Sometimes simply using a different type of power steering fluid can help reduce the noise.

Power Steering Services in Weatherford, TX

At Christian Brothers Automotive Weatherford, we help our guests stay on top of routine maintenance, such as checking and replacing power steering fluid. These small maintenance items can save your car from big power steering repairs. We also back most of our services with the 3-year/36,000-mile Nice Difference warranty because we stand by the quality of our work. If you have questions or concerns about your car or truck’s power steering system, don’t hesitate to ask! Give us a call in Weatherford, TX and we’d be happy to schedule your power steering check!

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