Donate for a Discount Update

APRIL 2021We are so excited to share this amazing update with our CBA family. During the first quarter of 2021, we partnered with MANNA Worldwide to support their mission projects in Thailand. Our store was raising funds for the youth and deaf communities in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Rufe Snow store raised funds for Burmese refugee and Thai children in Baan Nam Khem. Between the two stores, we had over 150 guests donate to Manna Worldwide, allowing us to raise over $2,400! What incredible gifts from you all!

APRIL 2021We are so excited to see how Ryan and his team at MANNA Worldwide are able to use this money to help children in Baan Nam Khem and Bangkok. Once we receive an update from Ryan and his team, I will share it with you!

APRIL 2021



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