How to Winterize Your Vehicle in Weatherford, TX

How to Winterize Your Vehicle in Weatherford, TX

The helpful technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Weatherford have expert advice to share with you about how to properly prepare your car or truck for the harsh road conditions winter can bring.

Check Your Car Battery

While your engine has to work harder in cold temperatures, your battery’s capacity is also lowered. A thorough inspection of the battery, terminals, cables and fluid will help you determine if your battery is still strong enough to stand up to the cold weather.

Under the hood of your vehicle you can check for loose cables and connections. There should be no cracks or breaks in the cables and the terminals should fit snugly. Look for the manufacturers date on the battery as well. It might give you a clue on when you should expect to replace it.

Inflate Your Tires

Experienced drivers know that you must fill your tires with more air when winter hits. The air in the tires will condense due to the lower temperatures and the tires will become flat. It’s important to keep the tires properly inflated so you can get all of the traction and responsiveness possible on wet or icy roads.

Defroster and Heater

When your windshield fogs up, it’s because moisture from inside the car condenses on the glass. Water vapor from your own breath or an open window will fog it up. The defroster blows warm, dry air on the windshield to clear the condensation.

If your heater isn’t working, it could be due to a bad heater coil. It’ll be worth the repair on those cold morning commutes.

Winterize Your Car in Weatherford

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Weatherford, TX, our ASE-certified technicians want to make sure your car is safe to drive this winter. We always offer every vehicle that comes into the shop a free courtesy inspection to diagnose your vehicle. We also back our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. Call us today to schedule your automotive maintenance at Christian Brothers Automotive Weatherford. See the nice difference!