Texas Drivers Receive a Crash Course in Alternators from the Experts

Texas Drivers Receive a Crash Course in Alternators from the Experts

Where is the Alternator Located?

You’ll typically find the alternator near the front of the engine, bolted in with two brackets. One is adjustable (to allow for drive belt tightening) while the other is fixed.

Why is the Alternator Important?

The alternator helps the battery maintain power. As the car is driving, it’s gaining power from the engine. During this time, the alternator is charging the battery. When the car stops running, the charge from the alternator allows the battery to continue providing power to the car.

What does the Alternator Do?

As an alternate source of power, the alternator helps many features in the car run. It helps your air conditioning maintain proper airflow, powers the radio, and turns on the headlights, among other things. It can also add power to the engine.

How Do I Know if There’s an Alternator Problem?

The alternator has a lot of moving parts that can become damaged or dirty. There are a few telltale signs of a bad or failing alternator. These include:

  • Needing frequent jump starts
  • Dim lights
  • Battery or check engine light
  • Growling or whining noise
  • Smell of burnt rubber

Now that you’ve been given a crash course in your car’s alternator, we hope you understand a bit more about this vital system. If you have any questions, or suspect electrical system damage, schedule an appointment with our auto repair shop in Waxahachie. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Waxahachie today, and see the nice difference!