Three Easy Steps for Safe Holiday Travel

Three Easy Steps for Safe Holiday Travel

CBAC Waxahachie Tire TreadEvery holiday season it seems like there’s an explosion of people out on the roads. From visiting family to holiday shopping, everyone seems to be rushing around non-stop! Christian Brothers Automotive in Waxahachie, Texas wants to make sure you don’t compromise your safety while out and about. To keep your vehicle safe and prepared for holiday travel as the weather gets colder and colder, you can take these three precautions to make sure you’re as safe as possible while on the go.

  1. Improve Your Traction

When the temperature starts to drop, the air thins out and for every 10 degrees the temperature drops, your car will lose 1 – 2 pounds of air pressure. The air condensing like this means your tires will become flatter unless you add more air. Tires that aren’t maintained at the proper pressure wear out and tear more easily than they should. This also has an effect on your tires’ tread, which is extremely important while driving on wet, slushy roads. To drive safely during the winter on poor road conditions, your tires need at least 1/8 inch of tread.

  1. Stop on a Dime

Without a doubt, your brakes are the most important safety feature your car or truck is equipped with. The stopping power of your brakes is even more important when you’re driving through traffic on icy or slick roads because you need the ability to stop at a moment’s notice. If your stopping distance isn’t as good as it used to be or you have to press down on the brake pedal harder your brakes are starting to wear out and you should have them inspected immediately.

  1. Make Sure You Have Power

During the holidays, many drivers will find themselves dealing with the very frustrating situation of a car that refuses to start. The most likely culprit in this scenario is a dead or frozen battery. Cold weather takes a toll on the battery, reducing its capacity to hold a charge and potentially freezing the battery fluid if the temperatures get extreme. The quickest way to wake your battery is having a friend help you jump start it. However, unless you get the battery replaced, you’ll likely keep dealing with this issue until the battery dies completely.

Safe Driving Starts with Your Vehicle

At Christian Brothers Automotive Waxahachie, we want to help you and your family have a safe and merry holiday season. Be proactive about staying safe on the road by making sure your car has capability to handle hazardous conditions and cold weather. Stop by our local auto repair shop in Waxahachie and make sure your brakes, tires and car battery are all ready. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Waxahachie, TX to make your appointment for maintenance repairs today, and see the nice difference!