Three Easy Ways to Avoid Transmission Maintenance

Three Easy Ways to Avoid Transmission Maintenance

Regular Service

Our transmission experts recommend an automatic transmission fluid and filter change every 20,000 miles. The factory recommended service is usually longer than that, but it doesn’t account for harsh driving and weather conditions most drivers face on a daily basis. Every 40,000 miles have your Oklahoma auto repair shop perform a complete fluid flush.

Use the Right Transmission Fluid

This may seem obvious, but it’s very important to use the automatic transmission fluid recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Different fluids contain different additives. The fluid they recommend will provide all of the functionality your transmission needs to perform correctly. However, if you’ve replaced your car’s original transmission, use the recommended fluid for that particular transmission.

Good Driving Habits

In addition to using the right fluid and regular care, there are a couple simple driving habits that will help your transmission.

  • Do not shift while your car is in motion. You’ll most likely hear a grinding noise when this happens.
  • Don’t ride the brake. Driving while continuously pressing the brake pedal makes your transmission work harder.
  • Warm up your engine. When the temperature dips in the winter, let your car run for a few minutes before putting it in gear. This lets the transmission fluid warm up so it can lubricate the moving parts.

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