3 Reasons To Schedule Drivetrain Service With Our Oklahoma City Auto Shop

By keeping up with maintenance services and scheduling a checkup as soon as the time/mileage interval is reached, Oklahoma drivers can often save time and money.

In addition to regular tune-ups, it’s essential to schedule a drivetrain inspection if you ever realize something just doesn’t feel right. If you discover one of the following symptoms, call Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma City, OK to schedule a drivetrain check.

Symptom #1: Shifting problems

Are you having trouble shifting from gear to gear? If the car’s shifting feels off, or the shift sticks and then moves hard and sudden, it may be a problem with the drivetrain.

Have you put your car into gear, hit the gas pedal, and then realized the car wasn’t going anywhere? This could be a potential transmission issue. If you ever notice a problem with your gearshift or ability to move the car, call our Oklahoma City car shop immediately.

Symptom #2: Unusual noises

Does your vehicle make a loud, abrasive sound as you drive down the street? A whining or grinding noise during acceleration could signify the car’s differential or transfer case is experiencing irregularities.

There are several noises to look out for, which could indicate car trouble. If you ever hear an unfamiliar noise, call our Warwick shop for a checkup.

Symptom #3: Strange smells or fluids

Do you see fluid dripping beneath the vehicle? Fluid leaks are never a good sign. The vehicle uses different fluids to lubricate the engine’s moving parts and to keep friction from wearing at the mechanics.

If you see or smell a fluid leak, call for a service check with our Oklahoma City auto repair shop. Even if it’s not a problem specifically related to the drivetrain, your vehicle could be in trouble.

The nice difference at our Oklahoma City auto repair shop

Our ASE-certified technicians are trained to hear and detect a range of noises and problems that may arise with your car’s drivability. Along with professional technicians, we offer our customers the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty as a guarantee of exceptional service.

With proper drivetrain maintenance service, you’ll spend less time in the auto shop, save money on extra repairs and help your vehicle last longer. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to schedule drivetrain service today.