Top Three Pieces of Advice for Summer Car Care

Top Three Pieces of Advice for Summer Car Care

1. Recharge the A/C

In the heat of the summer, there’s perhaps nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car with no air conditioning. Thankfully, your problem may be as simple as recharging the system with extra refrigerant. Maybe the A/C problem is more complex. A quick visit to your local Oklahoma City, OK auto repair shop is enough to have our technicians diagnose and fix the problem so your car stays cool all summer long.

2. Maintain Your Tires

Tire condition is always crucial to maintain a safe vehicle. Pay attention to both the tread and air pressure. At high temperatures, the air in the tires will expand. To prevent uneven wear, many drivers choose to rotate their tires with every oil change or ever other oil change depending on frequency.

3. Test Your Car Battery

We all know the dangers of winter temperatures for batteries, but summer temperatures can be even worse for a car battery. Battery fluid can evaporate in the heat, damaging the internal structure of the battery. Make sure you test your battery now so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong later this summer.

At Christian Brothers Automotive S. Western Ave, our friendly staff wants you to have a great summer. That means making sure your vehicle doesn’t quit on you before you get a chance to indulge in summer festivities. Heat can lead to a variety of automotive issues and our technicians want to keep your car or truck protected. Call our Oklahoma City auto repair center today to schedule an appointment and see the nice difference!