Cancer Action And Christian Brothers Automotive Shawnee Partner Up To Put The BRAKES On Cancer!

From their website:

“Cancer Action is a community based non-profit agency offering a comprehensive array of programs and services addressing the physical, social, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of persons with cancer, their family, and friends.”

Together with Cancer Action, the friendly team at Christian Brothers Automotive Shawnee is ready to put the BRAKES on cancer!

From October 1st through October 31st, Christian Brothers Automotive Shawnee will donate 5% of all brake jobs performed to Cancer Action.

If you’re not in need of a brake job, why not take the Cancer Action challenge? Simply count the number of times you hit the brakes from home to work, then donate that amount to the Cancer Action cause.

For example, if you hit the brakes 21 times between your house and the office, you could donate $21 to Cancer Action.

Receive brake service or donate to Cancer Action, and help put the BRAKES on cancer!

Click to visit the Cancer Action website

Click to visit Cancer Action on Facebook