Sandy Springs Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Electrical System

Sandy Springs Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Electrical System

Today, our ASE-certified technicians want to clear up the confusion. To help you fully understand your car’s electrical system, the Georgia auto repair professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs are going to break it down.

Three Main Components of the Electrical System

  • Battery: The battery provides the proper amount of electrical current needed to power the ignition and fuel systems, which are responsible for creating the combustion needed for your engine to work.
  • Starter: The starter actually ignites the engine to run. The battery supplies a small amount of power to the starter motor, which in turn rotates the flywheel. The flywheel then turns the crankshaft, which begins the movement of the engine’s pistons.
  • Alternator: Once your engine is running, your alternator takes over and keeps the battery charged, as well as the entire electrical system running properly. Some of the components the alternator helps to power include the lights, wipers and defroster.

Electrical System Maintenance in Sandy Springs

Your car’s electrical system is crucial to the function of your vehicle. If you want to easily drive down the road, you need to make sure everything is in working order. Fortunately, the Sandy Springs auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive are experienced in diagnosing and repairing all kinds of electrical system malfunctions. Call our Sandy Springs car shop for an electrical system inspection today, and discover the nice difference.