4 Common Power Steering Fluid Questions

4 Common Power Steering Fluid Questions

One essential component of the power steering system is the power steering fluid. Keeping this fluid in check is what keeps your vehicle road ready. That’s why today our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs in Sandy Springs, Georgia, want to let you know about power steering fluid and answer frequently asked questions about replacing the fluid.

What is power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that’s responsible for moving power throughout the system. This fluid is actually quite easy to service and can be done by simply flushing the old fluid out and adding a fresh batch.

Should I do this service when recommended?

It is really important to switch power steering fluid regularly and we advise owners to follow their manual’s suggestions. Remember, it’s much easier to deal with cheap fluid than pay the costly repairs of a worn out power steering pump or power steering rack.

Why do I need to change the fluid?

With time, the power steering fluid in your vehicle loses its potency and can become contaminated. Fluid with foreign materials and dirt floating around in it is less efficient, meaning the pump works harder and is worn down faster. Putting new fluid in is much more cost effective than buying a new pump.

What are the common power steering symptoms?

One of the most frequent indicators of power steering fluid problems is when your steering wheel becomes harder to turn. Either the fluid has degraded or the levels are insufficient. Leaks are small problems that can lead to costly disasters so they should be fixed immediately. If not, the wheel will become more difficult to use and you will have a tougher time controlling the vehicle. Eventually, it will cause far more damage to the power steering system.

If you’re driving and a whining or moaning noise accompanies your steering wheel turns, it can be a sign that the pump is about to quit. You wouldn’t want the pump to fail entirely while you’re on the road, so get your car to a local Sandy Springs, GA auto repair shop now!

Power Steering Maintenance at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs

The power steering system is necessary for regular operations of car driving. Inadequate fluid levels in the system will lead to significant power steering problems. Our local auto repair shop in Georgia works to educate customers about the most important issues so they can make the informed choices about their vehicle. A majority of our services are also backed by the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty so you can be rest assured the work will be done right.

Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs in Sandy Springs, Georgia to schedule your power steering maintenance appointment now!