Winterize Your Car This Season in Sandy Springs

Winterize Your Car This Season in Sandy Springs

Our professional technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs are here to help with any concerns you have and winterize your vehicle so you can drive with peace of mind during the holiday season.

Replace Windshield Wipers

If you’re an experienced driver, you’ve probably noticed windshield wipers need regular replacement. The rubber on wipers tends to become damaged, deteriorating until the wipers become completely useless. This is now a good sign for winter when low visibility is a big concern. If your wipers are worn down, get a new set to make sure your windshield stays clear.

Using wiper fluid on your windshield will make it far easier for your wipers to clean off water and grime. The fluid can also help the wipers in breaking up snow and ice that may accumulate on your windshield.

Test Your Defroster

Another threat to visibility is moisture inside the vehicle condensing on the glass, filling your windshield with fog and making it difficult to see the road. Defrosters blow warm, dry air across the windshield to remove this condensation. If your defroster isn’t working properly, however, it could be due to air leaks around the doors and windows or even an AC system problem. Have your car checked out if the defroster seems to be ineffective.

Check Belts and Hoses

There’s no harm in having our local Sandy Springs technicians check the belts and hoses around the engine just in case. Cold weather often weakens the belts and hoses, consequently causing them to snap and break. Get ready to call a tow truck for rescue if a belt snaps on you while you’re on the road. We say it’s better to be safe than sorry! Schedule a check-up with our Sandy Springs auto repair shop to make sure your belts and hoses are in tip-top condition.

Winterize your car in Sandy Springs, GA

The ASE-certified technicians at our Georgia auto shop can help you get your vehicle road ready for the winter. Our number one concern is making sure you and your family is safe on the road. We back nearly all of our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty to guarantee quality service. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs in Sandy Springs, Georgia for the best quality auto repairs and attentive customer service. Schedule your courtesy inspection, and see the nice difference!