7 Cooling System Secrets Every Sandy Springs Driver Should Know

Even though the cooling system is essential, drivers know very little about it. At Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs in GA, we want to let you in on our secrets. With these 7 cooling system secrets, you’ll increase the life of your vehicle!

1. The type of antifreeze matters.

Do not try using any old antifreeze (also called coolant) in your vehicle. Nowadays, antifreeze mixtures can be quite complex. The manufacturer knows your car best and there’s a reason why they require a certain type of antifreeze. Some car manufacturers will even void a vehicle’s warranty if you use the wrong one.

2. Save your engine by turning on the heater.

If you’re on the road and your engine starts to overheat, your best option is to turn on the heater full-blast. Excess heat from your engine will be released into the cabin. This may not be very comfortable during a hot southern summer, but you’ll at least save your engine. It’s a lot simpler to wash a sweaty shirt than to repair an engine.

3. Coolant drips are a huge deal!

You may not think much of some coolant on your garage floor. However, glycol, found in coolant, is very hazardous. When you park out on the street, rainwater will wash the coolant into the sewer system, contaminating surface water. It’s a federal crime to contaminate surface water with antifreeze.

Leaks also turn into much bigger problems if you leave them be. If the radiator is leaking the coolant, it could blow wide open and spew coolant everywhere. If a hose is leaking, it will blow out. To avoid some nasty consequences, just get the coolant leak fixed.

4. The water pump is essential

The water pump keeps the coolant flowing. Make sure to replace coolant when needed so the pump stays lubricated and in working order. The drive belt is also part of the water pump. Make sure to replace this belt once it’s worn out.

5. Change the fluid annually

Fluid degrades over time. Old fluid won’t lubricate the engine parts (like the water pump) correctly. Most cars on the road today will need new fluid every year. However, newer vehicles can wait 3 to 5 years before coolant replacement. Consult the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs if you have any questions pertaining to your specific vehicle.

6. Always go with original equipment specifications.

Sometimes people have to replace their radiator because they didn’t keep up with their cooling system. Radiators are made out of various materials like plastics, aluminum, and even copper. If you’re in need of a new radiator, stick with an original equipment part, or a part that matches the specifications. Manufacturers weigh a lot of details like weight, size, durability, and heat dissipation qualities. They already picked the best one for your car. There’s no reason for you to labor over the same decision.

7. Replace your cooling system’s hoses.

More often than not, coolant leaks through the hoses. They should be checked at least twice a year for abrasions, cracks, flexibility, and evidence of leakage. Whenever the coolant is drained, any suspect hoses should also go. This is key to making sure your cooling system remains leak free and in working condition.

The professional team at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service. Our work is honest and our prices are fair! We back our cooling system maintenance and repair services with a 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty.

If it’s time for cooling system service, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Stop by for a delightful experience and see the nice difference!