Scheduled Maintenance Intervals in Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Scheduled Maintenance Interval Solutions

Oil Change
Christian Brothers Automotive suggests that you get an oil change every 3,000 miles. Clean oil helps your automobile’s engine run efficiently and reduces the requirement for future repairs.

Engine Flush
If you currently drive the exact same automobile that you drove years ago and you have never had the fuel system rinsed, your vehicle is most likely not operating ideally. A Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified specialist can cleanse your vehicle’s engine, which will enhance your miles per gallon and conserve your engine from unburned fuel deposits.

Tire Rotation
Having your tires rotated will dramatically boost their lifespan and it will certainly offer you a smoother and a lot more balanced ride.

All of the automobiles that enter Christian Brothers Automotive are provided with a Courtesy Inspection. Diagnosing your vehicle issues early can ensure that your vehicle stays securely on the road. Understanding what potential problems you may have with your automobile later down the road could also save you money in the future, keeping in mind that automobile maintenance is drastically more affordable than significant auto repair.

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