5 Ways A Courtesy Inspection Saves You Money

5 Ways A Courtesy Inspection Saves You Money

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

This free, comprehensive inspection is a great way to catch any problems your vehicle may be experiencing. There are no strings attached. We offer this complimentary service to any customer with every service or repair.

Here are the top 5 ways a courtesy inspection from the Christian Brothers Automotive Rufe Snow ASE-certified technicians will save you money!

1. An alignment check could save your tires

An alignment adjustment means your wheels are lined up perfectly vertical and parallel. Not only will this give you a smoother ride, but it also ensures that you’re not dragging your tires down the road.

Wheels that are improperly aligned and pull to one side will actually cause you to travel more miles and cause you to use more gas. During a courtesy inspection, our specialists will check the condition of your suspension system, including your wheels’ alignment.

2. Checking the brakes, rotors and calipers keeps you safe

For many drivers, the timing of a brake pad replacement depends on driving conditions and the handling of the vehicle. Because of this, the brake system is often neglected.

Our professionals check out the essential parts of the braking system to make sure everything is in working order. The last thing you want to hear is a grinding noise the next time you come to a stop.

3. We check the oil to keep your engine in peak condition

Oil changes should be routine for drivers, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget this essential service! Motor oil lubricates important parts of the engine to make sure it runs smoothly.

As time goes on, the oil becomes gritty and loses its ability to protect your engine. Without regular oil changes, your engine could sustain serious damage. During a courtesy inspection, our technicians check the quality and levels of your engine oil to make sure the oil is doing its job.

4. Ensure your belts are strong enough to handle the job

Every vehicle has a water pump, power-steering pump and other features that are all powered by drive belts. Newer cars sometimes use only one belt to power these systems. This component is called a serpentine belt.

These systems are essential to the operation of your car. Drive belts are used whenever you’re driving. Over time, the belt will lose its elasticity. If it breaks, it could cause major harm to your car. That’s why our knowledgeable technicians check your drive belt with every inspection!

5. Headlights and taillights

Too many drivers think they don’t need to have headlights and taillights checked. However, these lights are just like any lights in your home – they eventually burn out.

The professional staff at our North Richland Hills auto repair shop will check your headlights, taillights, flashers, warning lights and other parts of the lighting system. We’ll help you avoid an unfortunate ticket for having a taillight or headlight burnt out, and keep you safe while driving at night.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Rufe Snow, we want to make sure your vehicle is running properly and safely. Call to schedule a courtesy inspection at Christian Brothers Automotive Rufe Snow in North Richland Hills, Texas today. Prevent any serious damage to your car and see the nice difference!

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