Christian Brothers Rockwall, TX Preventive Maintenance

Christian Brothers Rockwall, TX Preventive Maintenance

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We've all heard about checking the oil, and it's hard to ignore worn-out wipers, but many people don't know about or even understand regular maintenance when their cars reach milestones. This unfortunate oversight can cause financially devastating situations such as your car wearing out too quickly or even your car being junked. It could also lead to getting you're more likely to get lied to by mechanics.

Start getting the information you need:

  • List all your services: Have you ever panicked because that sticker on your windshield fell off? A simple log of all the work done can solve everything. You can use a book or app to track oil changes, and you can also track work including transmission flushes, windshield wipers, belt and hose replacements and more with this simple trick. Tracking fuel and dipstick checks can help you track performance and see problems ahead of time.
  • Study your manual: All vehicles should have a manual specific to them, and these booklets discuss the maker's word on servicing your vehicle. A lot of drivers don't understand that these recommendations can vary from one car to another, so they end up relying on what potentially unscrupulous dealers say about the maintenance their vehicle needs. We keep track of the correct maintenance suggestions for every auto we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in Rockwall, TX, but you can't blindly believe everyone. If you do, it could mean spending far too much money.
  • Don't forget car washes: Looking pretty is not the same as working properly when it comes to many things, but keeping your auto free of dirt and grime top to bottom can be considered part of upkeep. If you don't often go to the car wash, the residue will harm your paint and undercarriage.
  • Compose a list: Forgetting about auto maintenance is a common problem, but a simple way to plan for everything is to make a list of all the maintenance your car will ever need right when you sign the title. Then, you can document all the work done as your car is serviced. If a paper list isn't for you, you can find online or mobile apps for the job.

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