3 Myths About Drivetrain & Suspension Service Busted By Our Roanoke Auto Shop

3 Myths About Drivetrain & Suspension Service Busted By Our Roanoke Auto Shop

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The authorities at Christian Brothers Automotive Roanoke care about the quality of your car.

Every day we answer questions regarding various aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair because we want you to have as much information as possible.

When you have all necessary information, you can take care of your car the right way.

Unfortunately, our ASE-certified technicians hear questions from North Texas drivers who have fallen for several myths about car repair. Toady, we’re busting a few myths. Here are 3 car myths about drivetrain and suspension service, busted by our Roanoke automotive professionals.

Myth #1: The drivetrain doesn’t need service

Have you ever heard of a vehicle that never needs to be serviced? Neither have we! Yet somehow, a large number of drivers believe their car never needs drivetrain maintenance or repair. The truth is, maintenance keeps your drivetrain system healthy.

Every car has service intervals (determined by the manufacturer) to help drivers save time and money in the long run. To know when your car needs maintenance work, check the vehicle owner’s manual. If you are still having trouble determining out the right time for service, call our Roanoke car repair shop!

Myth #2: The suspension operates independently

One of the biggest myths about the suspension is that the shocks and struts have nothing to do with the vehicle’s tires, brakes or drivetrain. Actually, a weak shock or strut could keep your tire from hitting the road properly. This could cause uneven tire wear.

Keep your shocks and struts in line by scheduling regular suspension maintenance. This will also help you save money, time and gas. Protect your suspension to protect the brakes, which provide better control over the vehicle. Suspension service allows for an overall more comfortable drive.

Myth #3: Maintenance can always wait

When it comes to drivetrain and suspension repair, early detection and immediate action save you time and money down the road. When you wait for a needed repair, the problem only gets worse and worse.

Don’t wait for your minor car problems to escalate into expensive repairs or replacements. Call to schedule an inspection as soon as you discover a symptom of drivetrain or suspension trouble.

Our friendly auto technicians want you to have the best drive possible. Don’t fall for the myths and continue to put off a much-needed repair. To schedule a drivetrain and suspension inspection today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Roanoke, Texas.

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