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*Video Transcript Video 1: Welcome back to Blind Pass Marina and the Best of Tampa Bay. Is your car ready for vacation? Make sure that you are ready to make memories and not nightmare. Get that car inspected. I have a place where the keyword is trust and yes, I'm still talking auto repair. Christian Brother Automotive repair is more than just a name, they believe it describes the way they do business.

Christian Brothers is a faith-based franchise that started in Houston in 1982 by two guys in a church and a bible study. And they starting franchising in 1997 with the idea and thought totreatingcustomers differently in the automotive repair business.

That's 4 locations throughout Hillsborough and Pasco Counties: New Tamp, Land O' Lakes, Westchase, and Riverview.

Now there are cheaper places, but if you depend on your car do you want cut-rate or high quality? And 3 phrases have become their way of life for their customers: trust, fair prices, and confidence.

You're driving two tons down the street at 45 miles an hour and you just can't do a bad job; you just can't put people at risk. So when Somebody brings their car in tous, 1) it's an honor that they would trust us to bring their car to us and 2) it's our responsibility to make sure that the work we do is going to keep them safe on the road and make that car dependable.

Be prepared to feel the difference when comein the door. Nobody's going to pounce on you, you're not going to be sold anything. Your car will be properly diagnosed and then you'll find out what it needs and not have to worry about getting ripped off.

The front and rear brakes both need to be done, however, the technician told me that the rear brakes had life left in them yet and if I wanted to differ the expense, we could go ahead with the front and come back in a few months, where a competitor said ‘absolutely not, you need to do them all right now.’

If it’s my wife or my sister-in-law or my next door neighbor, doesn’t matter who that person is walking through our door, the Christian Brothers philosophy is to treat every customer with that WOW factor and make the experience of getting a car repair likethey’ve never had before, so they remember who we are.

Imagine a business that sets itself apart by providing free oil changes for people in need or being involved in the community through local food banks or even bringing older cars up to speed to help local charities –that’s Christian Brothers.

To have people come in that, you’ve got 4 or 5 people in the family and one bread-winner, and if that vehicle doesn’t start and get them to work a domino effect could be coming. So it’s a real blessing.

How about a free shuttle service? And Christian Brothers will use only dealership quality parts and experienced technicians. I tell my guys, I am your worst customer. If you can satisfy me, then I know we are going to satisfy our customers. So on the one hand, they really don’t like it when I jump in a car that they just finished working on and say ‘I’m taking it for a test drive’. On the other hand, they wait with anxiety until I get back and want to hear is it okay. And when I say ‘Good job, it’s ready to go’ they just get excited, a smile comes on their face, they turn around, they walk back to the next car and they’re ready to go again.

I don’t want to go out and just have something slapped together and then have to run around and worry about the life of the repair or if it’s going to break down on the road on my son and I, so just having peace of mind that the job was done right with quality parts, it’s definitely comforting. And also, because I’m referring people that I care about – business associates, donors – to this business, I want to have confidence that they are feeling the same way when they leave.

The other big compliment is the customers that are coming back to us loyally. You like us, you know us and trust us. They walk in the front door, they say hello with a big smile on their face, we say it back to them because we are really happy to see them and they seem to be happy to see us. And they walk up and give us their keys and they say things like “It’s time for maintenance, do whatever needs to be done. Call me when you’re finished.” What an incredible, trusting thing for them to do! When we’ve earned that kind of trust, that’s incredible. We’ve reached our goal. We are who we want to be.

*Video Transcript Video 2: Christian Brothers Automotive is more than a name. They believe it describes the way they do business. Imagine, an auto repair that will treat your car theyway they would treat their mother's car. It's no wonder that many customers will simply walk in and toss their keys to their representative - that's trust! Four locations in Tampa: New Tampa, Land O' Lakes, Westchase, and Riverview. Visit us at for the location nearest you. Christian Brothers Automotive.

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  • "Trust is an earned quality, it is your bond!"
    10010 McMullen Rd Riverview FL 33569-5540
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