The Mechanics Behind A “Check Engine” Light Diagnostic

If the problem can be heard, seen or felt, our professionals are happy to offer a free inspection.

However, a blinking “check engine” light, a problem with the AC system or an overheating cooling system requires a more thorough investigation. To pay our ASE-certified master technicians for their valuable time, we have to charge for any troubleshooting that requires diagnostic equipment be hooked up.

What makes a “check engine” light diagnostic so exhaustive?

There are several different kinds of malfunction indicator lights, and different cars have different lights to mean different things. While a standard “reminder” light (oil change, gas light, etc.) can be easily solved, the “check engine” light requires a thorough investigation.

Most cars have about 30 different internal computers, and every computer controls a different area of the car. These computers talk to each other and all lead directly to the one master “check engine” light.

The car is constantly giving itself a checkup. When any one computer detects a problem, the “check engine” light turns on. The purpose of this light is to bring the driver into the car repair shop for a diagnosis.

When a vehicle is brought into our Riverview shop for a diagnosis, we hook up the master computer system to our diagnostic equipment.

Our experts are trained to read the computers’ code – the language the car’s internal computers speak to each other in. The technicians then run through a decision tree and several levels of diagnostic tests to find your exact problem.

How long does a “check engine” light diagnosis take?

If the problem is found in one of the first rounds of testing, we can quickly correct the issue and offer a more permanent solution. If the problem is hidden or further down the testing list, the process will take longer and require more work.

The problem could be found in the car’s timing, the air and duct system, operations system, the ignition, or one of several other areas of the car. Fortunately, the lights only go off once the problem has been totally corrected. The car’s internal review process makes it easy to know we’ve found the right solution the first time.

Our Riverview auto repair shop can help luxury vehicles

We field questions every day from luxury and European car drivers wondering if our service technicians can solve their vehicle needs. We always answer with a resounding “Yes!”

In addition to standard car service, we specialize in European and luxury vehicle repair and maintenance. In fact, the service manager of Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon has spent most of his career specializing in European vehicle service, particularly Mercedes and BMW. We also have a Master Certified technician who specializes in Lexus repair.

Our auto shop is qualified to handle several luxury brands, including:

  • BMW car repair
  • Mercedes car repair
  • Lexus car repair
  • Volvo car repair
  • Audi car repair

Whatever your vehicle needs, our experts are here to help

If your “check engine” light has turned on, or something just doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. We even offer group discounts to small, medium and large-sized companies!

For professional, reliable service from the Riverview neighborhood experts, call Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon today. We’ll show you the nice difference!