3 Indicators of Power Steering Problems

To help you catch problems that are linked to power steering issues before you get into an accident, our team of helpful technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon is going to talk about the top three signs of problems associated with power steering failure.

A lot of power is needed to turn the wheels

A major indicator that there are problems with the power steering is when the steering wheel begins getting harder and harder to turn. Normally, this is due to lower power steering fluid levels. The faster a problem with the steering wheel is noticed, the faster you can take your vehicle to your local Riverview, FL automotive repair shop.

Whining sounds as you turn the wheel

If you hear whining sounds as the wheel is being turned, it usually means that power steering problems are present. The power steering fluid can be replaced easily enough, but the low fluid level could mean there’s a leak somewhere in the power steering system. Continually adding more fluid doesn’t fix the problem. The leak needs to be fixed immediately before any more harm is caused.

It’s very necessary for your neighborhood auto shop check your car for leaks as they arise. You may think there’s a power steering fluid leak, but it could be a number of fluids. It’s always wise to let a professional diagnose where the leak is coming from.

A shaking steering wheel when idling

If you find that the steering wheel is violently shaking while your car is idling, it’s normally a warning sign that the belt found on the steering wheel is loose, damaged or needs to be replaced. However, a lot of people don’t recognize this as a power steering symptom because the system is not technically in use. Unknown vibrations could be associated with other issues as well, such as warped rotors or engine mounts.

Finding repair services for power steering problems in Riverview, FL

Power steering problems are not fun to face on the road and they’re exceptionally dangerous. Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon provides full power steering inspections before providing you with a diagnosis. You will always be notified about what’s wrong with your in a clear manner, so that you know your options before making a decision.

As an added benefit, the 2-year/24, 000-mile Nice Difference Warranty comes with a guarantee for most of our services. If you’re experiencing problems with your steering wheel, please contact Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon in Riverview, Florida today.